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Welcome to iPhone Urgent Care - trading platforms. We are here to save you from buying a new iPhone. We fix your iPhone no matter what the problem. Cracked screens, Broken LCD, Water Damage... You name it we repair it with a 3 month warranty!!
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We Specialize in Water Damage, iPhone Repair, SmartPhone Repair and Much Much More!

broken iPhone

Cracked Screens
iPad Repair
broken LCD screens
PDA screens
Nexus One repair

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Windows Mobile 7 Phones
Android Phone repair
MacBook Pro screen repair
Urgent Care for your iPhone / iPad - YouTube

We aren't Apple's associates, but they do like us. We have even been bitcoin invest recommended by Apple/AT&T Store employees.

We remove and recycle your old parts and clean your phone internally.

We are committed to serving you with the fastest turnaround and best quality you can find. Our skilled and trained technicians will repair your broken phone and get you up and running. We know how hard it is to be without your phone, so we strive to get it back to you as soon as possible.

iPhone Do's and Don't's
What should you do if your iPhone gets wet?
  1. Get it away from the water as quickly as possible!
  2. Do NOT turn it on. Do NOT try to charge it. Turning invest in bitcoin south africa it on at this point could create even more problems by shorting out the circuits.
  3. Do NOT expose it to heat. No matter what crazy things you see online, don't use an oven, a hair dryer, a heat gun, or anything else that produces heat.
  4. The very best thing to do is order yourself some desiccant to absorb the moisture, and put the desiccant and iPhone in a closed container until you can get it in to us for repair .

Shipping is Fast & Easy

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